Farmers Resource Co. Staff Bios

By Kim Callaghan Kristen Anderson Kristen Anderson is the founder and Senior Agronomist at Farmer’s Resource Co., where she oversees the Agronomy and Farm Business Development departments. She has spent the last seven years working with Citrus and Tree Nut clients, where she has helped growers maximize yields and profits with the latest knowledge in …

Paula KT’s Biographies

By Kim Callaghan for Paula KT Short and Sweet Bio As Founder and President of Absolute Supply and Services, Paula KT is passionate about creating jobs. She has built a company that includes Absolute Solutions and Associates, which includes firms owned and operated by minorities, women and socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. Paula also mentors …

Abandoned Cart Email – Appleseed Quiltworks

Excerpt: Hi <<First Name>>!I see you’ve got an order open in the online store! Did your grandson find your herbs and empty the basil on the floor, making your forget your order? This has happened to mebefore! By the time I vacuumed up the mess, placing my order had completely slipped mymind. Besides the fact …

The Metaverse: A world within our world

Metaverse. Sounds a little sci-fi, right? The term was coined by an American author, Neal Stephenson, in his dystopian sci-fi novel, Snow Crash. So yes, it’s a bit sci-fi, but it’s also become a part of today’s reality. Parts of the metaverse are already in operation and the creation of a complete, universal, cross-platform metaverse is coming.

MyHeritageDNA vs. AncestryDNA: Choosing the best DNA test

If you want to test your DNA to research your ancestry and family roots, choosing the right ancestry site can be both intimidating and confusing. Knowing where your family comes from and their histories can help define who you are today. You might want to create a family tree for posterity or for a sense of history, or maybe you have lost or unknown relatives you’d like to know about. Maybe you want to know your ethnic background and where your people came from. We’ll help you so you can quickly start creating the family tree you’ve been wondering about.