Dish Washing Blocks

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By Kim Callaghan

If you’re trying to live a sustainable or zero-waste lifestyle, a dishwashing block is another way to decrease your waste and use of harsh ingredients. Handmade in the USA by a mother and daughter team, the No-Tox Life Dishwashing Block is 100% biodegradable, vegan and palm-oil free. It’s coconut-based, fragrance-free, and septic and grey water safe.

One block will last you a long time…

At first, it may seem like a big change to use a block instead of liquid soap, but it’s actually very similar. The dish block is as effective as liquid dish soap and easily cuts through grease and dirt. It can also be used to take stains out of laundry, remove labels and spot clean carpets. Once you’re done washing your dishes you can use dish block suds to clean your sink and counter. It can safely be used on porcelain, stainless, stone and glass. Some customers have also used it to clean oven and stove surfaces.

It can also last a lot longer than a bottle of dish soap. One regular-sized 7.5-ounce block can replace around three bottles, lasting from two to six months. One person washing all their dishes could keep their block going for around six months, two people might use it in three months, and three people might use it up in two to three months.

How To Use Your Soap Block

Using your soap block is pretty similar to using liquid dish soap. Scrape any excess food and grease off your dishes (remember to compost what you can).

For plates, bowls, cups and mugs, wet a dish brush or cloth and rub it on your dish block to create suds. Wash as normal, creating more suds when needed. Rinse well after washing. For pots, pans and casseroles or anything with baked-on food, use a pot brush, scouring pad or scrubber to create suds and wash. The block works in both warm and cold water but is more effective with warm water. To get your dishes to really shine, dry them with a cloth.

Once you finish washing, make sure you leave your block in a dish or soap holder that allows it to dry between uses. This prolongs the life of the soap. Using a soft cloth or dish brush will also make the soap last longer. If you use a scouring pad or stiff brush often you may notice the soap wearing down faster. 

As another benefit, the block has aloe vera added to it to be gentle on your hands.

Carpet Cleaning Tip

If you’re cleaning a carpet with it, be gentle as you clean to avoid rubbing the stain in. Put some lukewarm water in a container and rub a wet cloth on the block to create lots of suds. Mix the suds with the water. Gently rub the cloth and suds on the carpet, using the suds to ‘lift’ the stain out. You may need to repeat the process a few times to completely remove the stain. It also helps to use a light coloured cleaning cloth, so you can see when the suds remain clean after rubbing the stain. 


Sodium cocoyl isethionate (plant-derived), decyl glucoside (plant-derived), sodium cocoate (plant-derived), soap bark extract (from the South American soap bark tree – organic), glycerin (plant-derived), Aloe Vera leaf (organic), Purified Water, sodium carbonate (mineral-derived).

Free from: phosphates, sulphates, parabens and fragrances. Cruelty-free.

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